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Talk Like a Leader

Feb 23, 2021

In our third episode of three where we are discussing important ideas from his book, The Long Distance Teammate, Kevin Eikenberry and I look at building relationships in a remote world. What role do leaders of long distance teams have in the process and what can they do to facilitate building and strengthening...

Feb 16, 2021

Kevin Eikenberry is with me for episode 2 where we discuss important concepts from his new book, The Long Distance Teammate. In this episode, we explore the leaders role in building trust with and within a remote team.

Additional Leadership Resources

Feb 9, 2021

Joining me this week is Kevin Eikenberry, co-author of The Long Distance Teammate. Kevin is with me for 3 episodes of Talk Like a Leader as we explore important aspects of the leader’s role in helping their long distance team members to become teammates. In this, our first episode together, we’re discussing the idea...

Feb 2, 2021

This week I’m talking with my friend and colleague Wayne Turmel about an important concept from his new book, The Long Distance Teammate. Listen as Wayne shares his thoughts on the difference between team members and teammates and what you, as a leader, can do to help the transition from team member to...