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Talk Like a Leader

Jun 28, 2022

Recently, I had an experience with about 120 young people aged 15-20 that taught me a lesson about the power of vulnerability to connect with people. This episode shares that experience and what I learned.

Additional Leadership Resources

Jun 21, 2022

Using assertive communication can help your to communicate more clearly and completely, and it has a risk. It’s possible to try to communicate assertively and slip over the line in to aggressive, jerk-like communication. In this episode, I’ll share three key principles (and two bonus principles) to help you strike...

Jun 14, 2022

When you step in to leadership, you inherit all of the good and bad of past leadership decisions for people who sat in your current seat in the past. Dealing with the negative expectations that can create can be a frustrating leadership challenge. In this episode, I'm offering a path forward.

Additional Leadership...

Jun 7, 2022

This week I was working in my shop, and I made a mistake that I new how to avoid. How is that possible? Both the answer to that question is in this episode and how the lesson connects to leadership communication is in this episode.

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