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Talk Like a Leader

Mar 29, 2022

A common question I get is: “How do I coach a team member who is doing nothing right?” In this episode, I’ll share some thoughts and some strategies for how to approach this situation.

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Mar 22, 2022

This weeks episode is about helping you to elevate conversations rather than escalate situations by the way you respond. Considering alternate stories is a powerful took in you leadership communication toolbox.

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Mar 15, 2022

The number of conversations you have with people is more important than the length of the conversations. Being mindful of the number of times you connect with people more than the length of time can help you become a better communicator.

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Mar 8, 2022

Meta conversations are basically conversations about conversations. As confusing as that sounds, they help you clear things up. In this episode, I’m talking about what meta conversations are, how they help, and how you can do them better.

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Mar 1, 2022

This episode is the second lesson illustrated by an experience I had with my grandchildren, and it builds on my last episode – Expectations vs Reality.

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